Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How you can reduce mobile radiation exposure

A World Health Organization panel has concluded that cell phones are "possibly carcinogenic,'' putting the popular devices in the same category as certain dry cleaning chemicals and pesticides, as a potential threat to human health. There is sufficient data to show that cell phone use affects brain activity and brain glucose levels after use and the World Health Organization declared cell phone radiation to be a potential carcinogen. So there is definitely enough cause for concern.
Here are some tips to reduce exposure to mobile radiations:

  1. Use a wired headset to minimize the waves hitting you.
  2. Talk on a speakerphone whenever possible
  3. Don't wear Bluetooth continuously
  4. Avoid using phone in enclosed areas
  5. Hold phone little away while talking.
  6. Send text messages
  7. Choose a phone that emits less radiation. More manufacturers are becoming conscious of the health risks and attempting to manufacture lower radiation models. A Google search can help you identify one the next time you are in the market for a cell phone.
  8. Choose natural supplements known to reduce cell damage from radiation like alpha lipoic acid and vitamins C and E.
  9. Eat more seaweed. Seaweed is nature’s anti-radiation remedy. 
  10. Keep the phone away from your bed. Sleeping with the phone near your head, such as on your night stand, can expose you to radiation for long periods of time.
  11. Don’t put it in your pocket. If you must, keep the phone’s antenna (usually on the back of the phone) facing away from your body.
  12. Watch the signal strength. When the signal strength is weak the phone will emit MORE radiation in an attempt to communicate with the cell tower.

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