Friday, 1 March 2013

Canine Catching Disorder

Like Human Beings Dogs also have something like OCD, which is known as ‘Canine Catching Disorder’.
Do you have a Dog?
Does he tries to catch or bite his tail?
If yes, how frequently?
May be your Dog is suffering from this disorder. Other symptoms of this disorder include recurrently chasing light or shadow.
Interestingly, like in Human OCD vitamin and mineral supplements are also beneficial for Canine Catching Disorder. Dogs feeded with these supplement chased their tail less frequently.
About 2% Dogs have this disorder. Most of them develop it before reaching sexual maturity.
If your Puppy or Dog is also suffering from this disorder then feed him well, provide national supplements if needed and don’t stimulate his obsession like if he is obsessed with some torch light, avoid it.

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